Information for Teachers

How diversity competent are you and your students?

Difference Differently aims to develop intercultural understanding in Australian teachers and students.  It includes the following features.

Student Modules: Difference Differently offers 14 online modules suitable for Australian primary and secondary students.  Please read about the student resource for more information, including which levels of this resource (1-4) are aligned to which curriculum year levels.

Diversity Q and A: Using video and text, several Australians express their views on questions relating to culture, race, belief and discrimination.  See the Q & A here.

Professional Learning: Difference Differently offers three online modules for teachers which explore diversity education and intercultural understanding.  See professional learning here.

Furthermore, Together For Humanity staff are available to liaise with you regarding diversity education or issues arising from diversity.  Email our teacher help desk.

School Workshops: Together for Humanity, the parent organisation of Difference Differently, offers interactive educational school workshops for students and teachers. Find out more or book here.

We hope you enjoy Difference Differently!