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Diversity Q & A

The Diversity Q and A is a collection of responses to questions about culture, diversity and belief from several different Australians.  Some answers are provided as videos and others as text.  Show disclaimer

Meet the Team
How should we work with people from different countries and cultures? Why do you dress like that? How is religion relevant in the world today?
Have you been discriminated against or faced prejudice? What are your most important values? Does being religious make you a better person? What does it mean to be Australian?
Does your culture or religion influence the way you feel about food? Is it possible to be Australian and something else? Does your religion or culture influence the way you think about the environment? Why is there so much prejudice and conflict in the world today?
How do you feel when crises and conflicts happen? Do non-religious people still have beliefs? How would you respond to world poverty? Do you see Australia as a multicultural country?
If you believe in your religion, does that mean everyone else is wrong? What happens to people after they die? Do Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God? Why do people with similar religions and cultures often live in the same areas of Australia?

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If you have other questions about culture, diversity or belief that you would like answered send us an email.  A member of the Together For Humanity team will get back to you with their answer.