Teacher Notes

One Country, Many Cultures

The Australian population is always changing.  In this module you will explore why Australians have so many cultures, languages and beliefs.

  1. Leaving Home
    When a migrant leaves one place to live in another they need to make hard decisions about what to pack and take with them.  What would you pack?
  2. Connection to Country
    Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have a strong connection to place.  In this activity you will explore what country means for the First Australians.
  3. Experiences of Migration
    Does the experience of migration differ from one person to another?  Has it changed over 250 years?  In this activity you will explore the experiences of some of the people who have migrated to Australia during the last 250 years.
  4. What's Australian?
    What makes something Australian?  In this activity you will consider what the word Australian means.