Teacher Notes

Part A: A day with many meanings

Australia Day is celebrated across the nation with a public holiday each year on January 26.  It marks the day in 1788 that the First Fleet arrived in Sydney Cove and that British sovereignty was proclaimed.

Watch the following video where four Australians — Lex, Nathan, Jess, and Mohamed — describe their thoughts and feelings about Australia Day.

Show transcripts

Using the ideas about Australia Day presented by Lex, Nathan, Jess and Mohamed complete the following activity, Connect Extend Challenge.  This activity allows you to think more deeply about what you watched.

  1. How are the ideas and information presented about Australia Day CONNECTED to what you already knew?

  2. What new ideas did you get that EXTENDED or pushed your thinking in new directions?

  3. What is still CHALLENGING or confusing for you to get your mind around?  What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?

Now it's time to express your opinion.  Discuss what you think Australia Day should be about.