Teacher Notes

Part A: Read the playground story

In this activity you will read a story about four students in a playground.  As you read you will be asked to answer some questions about how people in the story might be feeling.

But first of all you need to meet the people in the story.

Carla is a smart and shy student.  She is Muslim.  Her parents have taught her that in her religion girls should not sit close to or touch boys who are not part of her family.  She spends most of her time at school with Simone.
Simone likes talking and is very good at sport.  She has three older brothers but her mum has always told her she is as good as any boy; and that it is important for girls to stick up for themselves.

Photo by Elizabeth Gartley

Josh has just started at the school as his family has moved into the area.  He loves being around people.  He is a Pacific Islander and is used to spending lots of time with people from his culture.  He has learned that in his culture you do not look straight into the eyes of people you respect.
Kevin has lots of friends.  He loves hanging around and playing sport with the other boys.  His dad has taught him that he needs to look out for his mates.