Teacher Notes

Portraying Australians

What does an Australian look like?  In this module you will explore how Australia and Australians are portrayed in popular television, film and advertising.  There are four activities in this module.

  1. Stereotypes and Aboriginal Australians
    In this activity you will explore the notion of stereotypes and the way that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been depicted in films and television.
  2. Get Reel
    What would a television soap opera that actually reflected the diversity that exists in Australia today look like?  In this activity you will create an inclusive television program.
  3. Brand Australia
    In this activity you are going to explore how advertising targets its market and what this means for people who are not part of the target audience.
  4. Selling Diversity
    How would you promote diversity in Australia?  In this activity you will get creative and send a message about being inclusive.