Teacher Notes

Part A: Make a pledge

In this activity you will create a personal action pledge.  You will consider ways that you could change or improve some of your daily habits – at home, at school and on the weekend.  These changes do not need to be huge; sometimes doing a few small things can make a big difference.  For example, you could pledge to turn the light off each time you leave a room.

Follow these instructions to start taking action:

  1. Download and save the pledge document.  It can then be edited by you.
  2. Type your name and details onto the form by clicking in the text areas.
  3. Use the arrows to see the drop down menu items.  Select five different actions from the menus that you will pledge to do for the next week.  Make up one extra action yourself.
  4. Print out and sign your pledge.  Get active!

Note: there is also a version of this form to print and write on.

In a week, review your personal action pledge and rate your achievement against each of the actions.  There is place for you to do this on the form.