Teacher Notes

Part A: Shaping identity

In this activity you will think about what it means to be Australian.

Watch the following video where Karu talks about some of the things that contribute to his identity as an Australian.

Show transcript

Karu mentions many aspects of his identity; his religion, culture, hobbies, interests and family.  These are all things that make him who he is.

Now think about you.  What are the influences in your life that shape your identity?

Imagine that you need to introduce yourself online to a young person from another country.  Write about 5-10 of the things that make you who you are, including your cultural heritage and interests.

As you have seen, many things shape your identity. Being Australian is one of these things.

But what does it mean to be Australian?  Many people have different views about this.  Take a short questionnaire to explore your perspectives on this issue.