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About Difference Differently

Difference Differently is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Difference Differently helps students, teachers and others explore the challenges and opportunities created by diversity.  It provides 14 online modules in English and the Humanities and Social Sciences for students in Years 3 to 10.  Each module includes Teacher Notes, which provide Australian Curriculum links and class based activities to supplement online learning.

Difference Differently uses a level system so that modules can be easily used with, or adapted for, any year levels.

Level Curriculum
English History Geography Civics &
1 Years 3/4 Stories about Difference Our Communities Getting to Know Others
2 Years 5/6 Ways of Seeing One Country, Many Cultures Many Voices
3 Years 7/8 Portraying Australians Beliefs, Then and Now Mapping Diversity Differing Stories
4 Years 9/10 Media Madness Who Can be Australian? Thinking Globally Defining Identities

Difference Differently also provides a Diversity Q and A section, where different Australians answer questions about diversity, culture and belief.

The Australian Curriculum

With the aim of building Australian students' intercultural understanding, Difference Differently supports the objectives of the Australian Curriculum.

Difference Differently is closely aligned to the Australian Curriculum in the areas of English, History, Geography and Civics and Citizenship.  Each module has been designed with reference to the relevant knowledge, understandings and skills.  All components of the resource also have relevance to the General capabilities and to the three Cross-curriculum priorities.

The relevant Australian Curriculum learning outcomes for each learning activity are located in the Teacher Notes sections.

Developing Intercultural Understanding

More broadly, Difference Differently aims to develop intercultural understanding by enabling students to:

  1. Recognise diversity, in whatever form, as a normal part of life and a characteristic of human existence.
  2. Understand the significance and complexity of prejudice, identity, citizenship, and belonging.
  3. Empathise with people and their stories, perspectives, beliefs, and worldviews, even when these differ to their own.
  4. Commit to engaging with and respecting a diverse range of people in their lives, even when faced with challenges arising from that diversity.
  5. Communicate confidently in the context of diversity.
  6. Be critical viewers of the media, particularly in its portrayal of diversity.
  7. Understand how divergent beliefs, religious or otherwise, develop and how to respond to them.