Teacher Notes

Part A: Time travelling event planner

In this activity you will take on the role of a time travelling event planner and take responsibility for organising a significant event for a client from an ancient time and distant place.

As a member of the Any Time, Any Place Event Management Team you appreciate the importance of meeting the needs of many diverse clients.  You always start your jobs by researching the life and times of your client.  This ensures that when you deliver the event running sheet, which specifies the details of the event, your client will be another happy customer.

In negotiation with your teacher, select which of the following cultures and time periods you will work with: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Ancient India, the Ottoman Empire, the Viking era, Mediaeval Europe, the Angkor/Khmer Empire, Shogunate Japan, or Polynesia (c70-1756).

Your client is from the era you have selected so you will need to research the society they live in.  Find your own reference material and research the period ensuring you have answers to the following questions:

  • What language/s is spoken?
  • What do they wear?
  • What religious beliefs do they have?
  • What cultural practices such as music, art, and dance do they enjoy?
  • What buildings or structures do they use?
  • What are the political structures in their society, for example, who makes decisions and holds power?
  • What are the social structures in their society, for example, how are different groups treated including males and females?
You can download and save this sheet to record your references and research findings. 

Now use this information to plan a significant event for your client.  This event can be planned in response to a death, a birth or a marriage.  You must download and complete the Event Planning Sheet for your client to approve before the event.