Teacher Notes

Media Madness

The media plays an important role in keeping us informed, but it also decides how things are reported.  In this module you will explore how news media portrays groups of people, including teenagers, racial groups and religious groups.  This module has four activities.

  1. Group Headlines
    In this activity you will think about how the media portrays groups of people in headlines and how this influences the way we think about particular groups.
  2. Strong Words
    Do you think young people are portrayed fairly by the media?  In this activity you will explore how inference, opinion and emotive language are used in news articles to influence the reader.
  3. Muslims in the Media
    In this activity you will consider whether stereotypes about Muslims and Islam are perpetuated by the media.
  4. Differing Community Opinions
    In this activity you will consider how your standpoint, meaning your culture, beliefs and experiences, impacts on the way you read and perceive news articles.