Teacher Notes

Part A: What does diversity
mean to you?

This is your chance to design an an advertising poster to promote an inclusive and diverse Australia.  Your task is to 'sell' the positive aspects of inclusivity and diversity to the Australian community.  You will be provided with information to guide your creative development.

Some of the things you might like to think about or discuss before you start are:

  • Which aspects of inclusion and diversity will you feature on your poster?
  • Who will be your target audience?
  • What is the main message you want to make with your poster?
  • What commonly held attitudes might you need to change to sell your message?
  • What do you think makes an effective advertising poster?

The information below provides you with some ideas to guide your creative task.  Your challenge is to create a digital poster promoting diversity and inclusivity, which includes a slogan, image, text and other design features.


A catchy slogan is always important in an advertising campaign.  There are a variety of ways that advertisers capture the attention of their audience including humor, shock or by using poetic devices such as rhythm, repetition, rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia.  Think of a slogan to win your audience over.


The words and language used are critical in making a connection with your target audience.  Advertisers often use language that is familiar to the target audience or that is designed to create a response in them.  This could be by appealing to the senses (sound, sight, smell) or to emotional needs (pride, desire, fear).  Who is your target audience? How will you connect with them?


Colour can be used to support your message.  Bright strong colour can engage and grab attention.  Full darker tones may be used to connect with a wealthy sophisticated audience.  What colour/s will sell your message about diversity?


Placement of images, words and borders can all influence how the viewer responds to your advertisement.  For example, lines and borders can be used to lead the eye to an important feature.  Think carefully about your layout.


Font style, size and colour can be used to reinforce your message.  What will appeal to your target audience?


'A picture tells a thousand words', so choose an image carefully to ensure it will quickly make meaning to your viewer.  You may like to use one of the images below (just right-click and save), or else source your own. 

When you have created your advertisement write a short statement explaining your message, target group, and why you included your chosen language and design features.