Teacher Notes

Part A: What do you know about Muslims and Islam?

What do you know about Muslims and Islam?  Where did you get this understanding from?

Many non-Muslim Australians get their understanding of Islam from the media.  While it is important that the media keeps all Australians informed about issues and events that occur, the media is also responsible for deciding what and how news will be reported.  While the media sometimes promotes Islam and Muslims positively, some people believe that Islam and Muslims are not represented fairly by the media.

Understand the terms:

Islam: Islam is a religion.  The word Islam is used in the same way as the term Christianity or Buddhism.

Muslim: A Muslim is a person who follows Islam.  The word Muslim is used in the same way as the term Christian or Buddhist.

Now watch the following video in which a Muslim Imam discusses how he thinks the media portrays Islam and Muslims.

Show transcript

The reflections in this video are supported by a recent study into the reporting of diversity on Australian news and current affairs television programs.  It found that these programs generally 'represent Australia as an 'Anglo' nation' and when ethnic minorities are included 'it is usually to be shown as threatening and menacing to the Anglo mainstream.' (Phillips, 2011).