Teacher Notes

Part A: Have you ever been
discriminated against?

People experience discrimination and prejudice for a variety of reasons.  Have you ever experienced discrimination or faced prejudice?  What did it feel like?  Watch these short videos where three people reflect on their experiences of discrimination.

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Discuss or reflect on the following questions:

  • For what reasons were Haisam, Lex and Meg discriminated against?
  • How did they each deal with the discrimination they faced?

Discrimination is an important and difficult issue which affects many people at some time.  While racism is only one sort of discrimination, a recent study (UWS research project) found that of the 12,512 Australians surveyed:

  • 17.5% had experinced racism in the workplace
  • 16.6 % had experienced racism in education
  • 27% had been called names or insulted as a result of their ethnicity
The same study also found that 86.8% of respondents thought it is a good thing for a society to be made up of people from different cultures.

What are your thoughts about discrimination?  Read the two statements below.  What is your reaction to each one?
  • "We all discriminate in our thoughts, it's what we say and do that matters."
  • "Discrimination is part of human nature, so we need to learn to live with it."