Teacher Notes

Part A: The hall roster

Congratulations!  You have a new job as the Manager of Community Services at Peoplevale Council.  One of your tasks is to manage bookings for the community hall, which is available to be used by individuals and groups in the Peoplevale area.

A sign at the front of the hall lets community members know about use of the hall.  The sign says:

Welcome to Peoplevale Community Hall

Would you like to use our hall for a meeting, club event, or social gathering?

The hall opening hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday.

Please contact the Manager of Community Services if you are interested in using this space.

Bookings can be made for a:
Morning session: 9:00am-12noon
Afternoon session: 12 noon-5:00pm
Evening session: 5:00pm-9:00pm

Each week you need to update the council booking sheet by creating a timetable for groups who want to use the community hall.  Some groups apply to have use of the centre each week and others just want to use it on one occasion.  Your instructions are to meet the needs of as many different groups and people in the community as possible.  Sometimes you will need to offer people slightly different options to those they have requested.