Teacher Notes

Part A: Read the article

Read the following article very carefully.  You will be asked to reflect on it in a task on the following page.

Canberra Times

Open-door policy as village to welcome all

6 June 2011

Construction on what is believed to be the nation's first purpose-built multicultural retirement village is due to start this week in Canberra.

Development of the Mandir Ashram retirement village is expected to take about three years and cost more than $60 million.  The first sod was turned yesterday – first coconut smashed – on a vacant plot of land in Farrer which has been zoned for community use since the 1960s.

The chairman of Mandir Ashram, Krishan Aggarwal, said the project met a previously unmet demand for culturally specific spaces for older Australians.  "There are two major ingredients: one is the language, the other is the food," he said.  "And if you have met these two needs life is very comfortable, and in this complex we will be making every possible effort to provide these two ingredients."

The complex will consist of about 80 independent two-bedroom units, which Mr Aggarwal said were tentatively expected to cost about $400,000 to $600,000.  A nursing care facility with 106 beds will be attached.  The complex will have parking spaces, as well as a car-pool service.

Mr Aggarwal said they had received about 15 expressions of interest from prospective tenants.  The chairman described the centre as a contribution from the multicultural community to the rest of the community.   Canberra Multicultural Community Forum chairman Sam Wong said the project was a welcome piece of infrastructure.