Teacher Notes

Part A: Location and opportunity

All Australian children have access to free education.  This system provides a level of equality, as all students have the opportunity to attend school until Year 12.  Nonetheless, levels of educational achievement vary considerably from place to place.  In this activity you will explore these variations.

Watch the following video of Krishe, who reflects on her graduation from a Sydney high school in 1996.  At the time, her class photograph was reproduced on the front page of a Sydney newspaper under the heading 'The class we failed'.  The newspaper reported on the lower than average achievement levels of the group.  After the publication, the students successfully sued the paper for defamation.

Show transcript

Reflect on or discuss the following questions:

  • How would you describe Khrise's response to the media report?
  • Do you think that the report would have influenced the education and employment opportunities for Khrise and others in her class at high school?
  • Do you think people are 'judged on their postcode'?

You will now explore some maps and data to think further about place of residence and opportunity.