Teacher Notes

Part A: Jerusalem timeline

Jerusalem is a city of great religious significance to three major world religions.  It has been fought over and ruled by Jews, Muslims, Christians and others over thousands of years.  In this activity you will use sources to explore why there has been so much dispute over this area of land.

Begin by looking at this basic timeline, which gives you an overview of the different groups that have ruled over Jerusalem.  The colours represent the religions of the groups that ruled at various times, though people from other religions lived in Jerusalem throughout these periods.

You will also notice that the timeline highlights certain events and refers to sources.  This will help you to complete this activity, where you will be analysing some historical sources relating to Jerusalem.

Short Timeline of Jerusalem

 Jewish     Christian     Muslim 

This simplified timeline was compiled using information from a number of sources including, the Jewish Virtual Library.
Some of the dates and labels are contested.