Teacher Notes

Differing Stories

Everyone has their own racial and cultural heritage, belief system, understanding and way of seeing the world.  In this module you will explore how to deal with and enjoy the diversity that is all around us.  This module has four activities.

  1. Exchanges
    Do you like to try new things and learn from new experiences?  In this activity you will reflect on your own reactions to different people and situations by imagining that you are going on an exchange program.
  2. Discriminating Comments
    Do you think you discriminate?  Most of us do discriminate from time to time, knowingly or unknowingly, but some forms of discrimination are hurtful to others.  In this topic you are going to consider your thoughts about discrimination.
  3. Hurtful Chats
    Do you like to chat online?  In this activity you will explore how people feel about and react to online discrimination.
  4. Racial Discrimination
    Did you know there is a law to prevent racism in Australia?  In this activity you will complete a quiz to ensure that you understand your responsibilities in relation to racism.