Part B: Write your story

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A Day at the Beach

It was boiling.  I could feel the heat hitting me through the window of the my cheeks were already going red and sticky droplets of sweat rolled down my back.  My mate was chatting and laughing with my sister, but I stopped listening when I glimpsed the blue sea behind some trees.  "Nearly there, kids" said Dad.
As soon as we parked I slipped on my and and I ran over to the lookout to check out the waves.  Beautiful!  Then we grabbed our stuff from the car – boogie boards, and towels – and headed to the beach.  When we got there was already sun baking in her Dad was setting up the and Mum was busy tying Russell, the dog, to the sun shelter.
I shouted as I felt the first wave wet my whizzed past me on his boogie board, his hair spraying water as he went.  It was going to be a good day at the beach!
At that very moment I heard Russell barking and turned towards the sand.  Uh oh.  It didn't look good!  Russell was running along the beach dragging the sun shelter behind him.  Still attached to his lead, the shelter was bobbing and blowing behind him like a giant kite.  But it didn't seem to slow Russell down.  He was off!
Mum and dad were soon following behind.  "Stop!" they yelled, "Come!" they pleaded, "Bad dog!" they shouted, but Russell just kept going.
Firstly, he ran straight through a family group, collecting their in his kite as he went by.  Then he headed for a couple of whose ended up in the sand.  Next he landed on the stomach of a woman wearing a pink who got such a fright she spilled her down her front.
Mum and dad were still running after Russell, trying to say sorry to everybody as they went.  But Russell had had his fun, and was heading back to our spot on the beach.  As he sat down on my towel a gust of wind lifted the kite one last time, and the sun shelter settled back on the sand once again.
Just then my sister, who was happily lying on her tummy reading looked up at Russell lying beside her.  "Good Boy", she said giving him a pat.  She had missed the whole thing!
And me, I couldn't stop laughing, which was fine until a huge wave came up behind me and I got dumped.  Served me right I guess!

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