Part A: Three weddings

Watch this video of Sanjev and Sukanya's wedding.  It is a Hindu wedding.  Pretend that you were there.  What thoughts and feelings did you have while you were there?

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Pretend you were at this wedding.  Did you like the way the wedding looked, including the colours, clothing and decorations?  Mark the box that best describes what you thought.

It looked fantastic
It looked familiar to me
It looked new and different
It looked strange
It looked dull and boring

This wedding involved dancing, talking, eating and listening to music.  How much fun was it for you being at this wedding?

It was really fun
It was fun
It was OK
It was boring

There were many guests invited to this wedding.  Mark the box that best describes how it felt to meet and mix with the other guests at this wedding?

I enjoyed meeting everyone a lot
I met some new and different people
The other guests were similar to me so I felt comfortable with them
I felt a bit shy and out of place
I did not feel comfortable at this wedding