Part A: Explore the clues

Why have people migrated to Australia?

Your first question to explore is: Why have people migrated to Australia?  Read the five sources below and then answer the question at the end.

Source A: This source is from a record of what happened in a court of law in England, called the Old Bailey, in 1826.  Where do you think Alexander Williamson was transported to, after he was found guilty?

Alexander Willamson was indicted for stealing, on the 24th of February, [one] snuff-box, value 30s., the goods of Jabez Benyon, from his person...
Aged 15
Transported for life

Ref: in Jennet Cole-Adams and Gauld, J, Coming to Australia, Rigby, Victoria 2003

Source B: This extract from a report about events in the Western districts of New South Wales is from the Sydney Morning Herald on 15 July 1856.  What do you think the Chinese and others were digging for?

Day by day, parties of pedestrians, loaded with tin pots and dishes, and the other paraphernalia of digging, leave Bathurst by the Wellington road... as yet the greater portion of diggers of Stoney Creek consist of arrivals of other diggings... the arrivals from Sydney and the low country are few in number, if we except a body of 140 Chinese, who arrived a few days ago.

Source C: This poster was designed to be displayed in Britain in 1928.  What is the aim of the poster?

Ref: (Image) Australia the land of opportunity, 1928, poster, National Archives of Australia: A434, 1949/3/21685

Source D: This image is an English class at the Bathurst Reception Centre For Migrants to Australia in 1951.  Why do you think large numbers of migrants wanted to come to Australia after the Second World War?  What countries do you think they might have come from?

Ref: (Image) English class at Bathurst Reception Centre, National Archives of Australia: A12111, 51/22/34

Source E: This image was taken in Darwin in 1975, shortly after East Timor was invaded by Indonesian troops.  Why do you think that these people might have come to Australia?  What countries do people come to Australia from today?

Ref: (Image) East Timorese refugees arrive in Darwin, 1975, National Archives of Australia: A6180, 18/8/75/23

Thinking about all the sources you have looked at, list some of the reasons that migrants have come to Australia.